A break in the rain for a beautiful rainbow was a great way to end our week! These warmer autumn days have been filled with exploration and excitement! #outdoorlearning #lafargewi #forestschool
13 days ago, Summer Willis
Great Apple Crunch! KVFS of course did it a bit different - and had apple sauce yesterday!!! yum! Made with Apples from the school garden. Read more about the Great Apple Crunch here: https://cias.wisc.edu/our-events/applecrunch/ #GreatAppleCrunch #WIAppleCrunch #WIF2S #WIFarmtoECE #F2SMonth
9 days ago, Summer Willis
Apple Crunch
All are welcome!
24 days ago, Meaghan Gustafson
Groundbreaking Ceremony Invitation
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24 days ago, KFVS
A moment at Forest School
Come join us in the forest! KVFS has student spaces available for the 2021-2022 School Year. What could be better than learning outside with fresh air and sunshine? Fill out an online application today. #kickapoovalleyforestschool #lafargewi #learningoutside
about 1 month ago, KVFS
in a cirlce
There are two student spaces available at the Kickapoo Valley Forest School. KVFS students will spend most of their day learning from and playing in nature. More information can be found here: https://www.kickapoovalleyforestschool.org/o/kvfs/page/enrollment
about 2 months ago, KVFS
student spaces
The La Farge School District's woodworking class, led by Mr. Fowell, built cubbies for the Forest School this past spring. This past week, they were finished and are now on their way to the KVFS classroom at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Thanks to LFSD's woodworking students and Mr. Fowell! These cubbies will soon hold the boots, backpacks, raincoats, and lunchboxes of our 32 incoming 4K & 5K students!
3 months ago, KFVS
Cubby prototype
cubby prototype
Ms. Julia finishing
Join KVFS this Saturday, March 27th Come play in the mud with us, anytime between 10am until 1pm Bring your boots and look for signs starting at the Visitor Center. #kickapoovalleyforestschool
7 months ago, KVFS
A Muddy Day
KVFS has a few student spaces remaining for the 2021-2022 school year. Check out www.kickapoovalleyforestschool.org for more information. Please share this post with your friends! #kickapoovalleyforestschool
7 months ago, KVFS
spaces available
There are still a few 4K and K spaces available for the 2021-2022 school year. Sign-up your child today! More info: https://www.kickapoovalleyforestschool.org/o/kvfs/page/enrollment
8 months ago, KVFS
crocus image
KVFS is accepting applications! The Leadership Team is hosting an enrollment presentation at 10am tomorrow. Applications, information and meeting links can be found here: https://www.kickapoovalleyforestschool.org/o/kvfs/page/enrollment
8 months ago, KVFS
Please join the KVFS Leadership Team for a discussion about enrollment and all things KVFS. We are offering two options either on Feb. 9 or Feb. 13. The meeting can be accessed here: meet.google.com/tpu-txkf-wiz Or dial: (US) +1 435-562-1534 PIN: 552 494 852#
9 months ago, KVFS
enrollment talks
Beginning today, KVFS will start accepting applications for the 21/22 school year. There are spaces available for 4-year-old Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. Apply online or by email or paper. All forms can be accessed here: https://www.kickapoovalleyforestschool.org/o/kvfs/page/enrollment
9 months ago, KVFS
enrollment notice
Join us for a Virtual Roundtable Discussion on: A Day at Forest School. Come to learn more and ask questions about engaging ways the school will integrate learning thorough play and exploration in nature.
10 months ago, KVFS
cooking over a fire
Join us this winter for one or more of these events!
11 months ago, KVFS
winter outreach
Join us on Nov. 14 at our next On-site Forest Learning Day. Come and enjoy a campfire, songs and stories. We would love to answer any of your school related questions. We will be outside at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve Visitor Center from 10am until 1pm. All ages welcome.
12 months ago, KVFS
nov 14 onsite learning day
Congratulations to Ms. Gustafson for receiving the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Educators, Administrator of the Year Award! KVFS is so lucky to have such a supportive leader as our Superintendent. Post your congratulations below in the comments!
12 months ago, KVFS
WAEE award
7:30 pm Roundtable link: Join with Google Meet meet.google.com/gyy-zwhf-vkr Join by phone (US) +1 512-592-3156 (PIN: 522513652)
about 1 year ago, KVFS
NEW location for our On-site Forest Learning Day On October 17 the On-site Forest Learning Day will take place on the Wintergreen Bluff Trail at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Please RSVP to kvfs@lafarge.k12.wi.us
about 1 year ago, KVFS
onsite FLD 2
Check out our October Fall Outreach dates. Email kvfs@lafarge.k12.wi.us if you are interested in attending. Our new website will launch on Friday!
about 1 year ago, KVFS
October Fall Outreach