Wondering why we chose a snail for our logo?

The KVFS snail represents so many interesting and important things for our Forest School. 

  • The snail reminds us to sloooow down, use our senses, observe things closely - just like children do. 
  • The snail carries with it all that it needs to survive comfortably in any environment and in an all-weather-nature-immersion school, we’ll often be just like that snail! 
  • The lines on the snail's shell are representative of the Fibonacci Sequence (a wonderful representation of math in nature), the cycle of the seasons, and they are also reminiscent of the pages of a book. In our Forest School we’ll always look to nature to help us understand the world around us. 
  • Lastly, snails are residents of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, and now our new school will be as well!  

It may feel like our progress in building a new school is moving at a snail’s pace, but soon we’ll be opening our doors to a new class of learners.  Be sure to stay tuned to KVFS social media and our website for more information!