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2022-2023 Clothing Recommendation

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Virtual Roundtable Discussion: What is a Forest School? from Sept. 22, 2020

Virtual Roundtable Discussion: Our Curriculum, from Oct. 17, 2020

Virtual Roundtable Discussion: Risk, from Nov. 17, 2020

Virtual Roundtable Discussion: Cultivating Weather Resiliency and Gear Recommendations ,from Dec. 8, 2020

Virtual Roundtable Discussion: A Day at Forest School, from Jan. 12, 2021

Gear Recommendations:

Two KVFS teachers go over important clothing suggestions, from April 2022

Enrollment Lottery for 2023-2024 school year

KVFS All Family Meeting Wednesday, April 12th 2023

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“They [schoolhouses] should be built in a woods beside a stream. Where you can wade, swim, and be comfortable in the summer, and slide and skate in the winter. The windows should be cut to the floor and stand wide open so that the birds and butterflies could pass through. You ought to learn your geography by climbing a hill, walking through a valley, wading creeks, making islands in them, and promontories, capes and peninsulas along the bank.”

Gene Stratton-Porter  


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